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This invention relates to mixtures of oxidizing agents als treat Beingeschwüre oxidants, which are referred to in this specification as "super-oxidised water", a term which is known in the art. Super-oxidised water may be als treat Beingeschwüre as a sterilizing, disinfecting and biocidal pesticide acting solution. This STERILOX super-oxidised water is generated at the place of use, for example in a hospital, by salt solution or brine is conducted at a als treat Beingeschwüre of about 6 to 9 Amp over coated als treat Beingeschwüre electrodes separated by a semi-permeable ceramic membrane.

Eine Vorrichtung mit beschichteten Titanelektroden, die als treat Beingeschwüre eine semipermeable Krampfadern der Speiseröhre Gastritis getrennt sind, ist in den Beschreibungen der UK-Patente mit den Nummern und beschrieben.

An apparatus having als treat Beingeschwüre titanium electrodes separated by a semi-permeable ceramic membrane is disclosed in the specifications of UK Patent Nos and 2,th Die grundlegende Struktur der Vorrichtung ist in The basic structure of the device is in Link GB beschrieben und kann eingesetzt werden, um das superoxidierte STERILOX-Wasser zu erzeugen.

The high redox potential allows for quick and effective destruction of als treat Beingeschwüre bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Hypochlorous acid and Hopychlorit are in equilibrium als treat Beingeschwüre each other, and the position of the equilibrium is determined solely by the pH.

The Applicant als treat Beingeschwüre found that the super-oxidised water produced is safe for the skin, non-irritating and non-sensitizing to the skin, non-irritating to the eyes, is not harmful if it is swallowed and shows no evidence of a possible mutagenic activity. It is assumed that hypochlorous acid thus acts as a biocide, that it attacks the surface and plasma membrane proteins of bacterial cells, transport of solutes obstructed therein and its salt balance adversely affected Pieterson et al, Water SA 22 1 ; The Als treat Beingeschwüre process produces an extremely effective sterilizing cold non-toxic solution which is free from highly toxic chemicals and acts against a large and diverse number of bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores.

The Applicant believes that the STERILOX super-oxidised water is suitable for a wide range of applications both medical and non-medical fields, for example for the preservation of poultry and fish, and general uses in agriculture and petrochemicals, for destroying bacterial biofilms for water treatment and general disinfection in medical and veterinarial area.

It has been found that the STERILOX super-oxidised water is particularly useful for continue reading of endoscopes, which are sensitive to other commonly used cold disinfectants such as peracetic acid. While glutaraldehyde can be used as a reliable disinfectant for flexible fiberoptic endoscopes and other heat-sensitive instruments, and although this is widely practiced in many hospitals, its use can cause in which nurses click the following article and dermatitis when these individuals are exposed to glutaraldehyde vapor, and so there is still a prejudice against the use of peracetic acid and only recently als treat Beingeschwüre movement towards the use of super-oxidised water STERILOX for such applications.

Als treat Beingeschwüre of Hospital Infection 41; 59—70 und Shetty et al. Journal of Hospital Infection 41; and Shetty et al.

Journal for Hospital Infection 41; — Journal for Hospital Infection 41; In these studies it was found that freshly produced super-oxidised STERILOX water highly active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare, Mycobacterium chelonea, Escherichia coli including typeEnferococcus faecalis, Als treat Beingeschwüre aeruginosa, Baccillus subtilis var niger spores, methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, poliovirus type 2 and human immunodeficiency virus HIV Recently, there has been a marked increase in interest in the use of super-oxidised water as a disinfectant because of its rapid and highly biocidal als treat Beingeschwüre against a broad spectrum of bacteria.

Tanaka et al Journal of Hospital Infection 34; report the electrolysis of a salt solution to produce a super-oxidised water with a highly acidic pH 2. The acidic pH of the super-oxidised water, which was produced according to the method of Tanaka also precludes its use for click at this page medical indications.

After the applicant had carried out tests for a large number of applications including those mentioned above, she turned her attention to the use of super-oxidised STERILOX water as a disinfectant for mammalian tissue, particularly the treatment of open wounds such as leg ulcers.

In fact, epidemiological studies have shown that there als treat Beingeschwüre at any given time approximatelypatients in the UK who have leg ulcers after Cherry ".

Arterial leg ulcers, which are much harder to treat, are caused by ischemia, while venous ulcers are caused by blood congestion in the veins. Give it a lot of suggestions for the supplying of ulcers, all of which have varying degrees of success. A successful treatment of ulcers highly dependent on strict compliance with a treatment program in combination with an effective wound disinfection, which reduces bacterial infection and regeneration of dermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes in the bed of the ulcer accelerated by for the healing of the wound and the growth new tissue are essential needs.

Wenn das Bakterienwachstum nicht kontrolliert wird, kann die Wunde nicht heilen. When bacterial growth is not controlled, the wound can not heal. The most useful treatment for venous ulcers als treat Beingeschwüre the use of compression bandages together with elevation of the or of the legs. This mimics the pumping action of the calf muscles after that carry blood back to the body, and maximizes the removal of blood from or legs. While antibiotics has been used in the past to reduce infections, this is today due to the increased risk of antibiotic resistance, no treatment of choice.

While potassium permanganate KMnO 4 is an oxidizing agent that has passed the endurance test in the treatment of leg ulcers, it still has the disadvantages to irritate freshly regrown skin and damaging and cause discoloration of the skin.

In fact, the use of these compounds als treat Beingeschwüre to their als treat Beingeschwüre and painful effects and effect on cell growth is no longer recommended because it holds the scales their therapeutic value, which means that these preparations have been taken out of use.

Attempts have been made to reduce the basic effect of the high hypochlorite ion content of these solutions, for example through the als treat Beingeschwüre of appropriate buffers, but these attempts have proven to be ineffective in such circumstances. All of als treat Beingeschwüre spoke against the use of hypochlorite-containing als treat Beingeschwüre for the treatment of leg ulcers. The success of the sterilization and disinfection of endoscopes and the known non-irritating effects of superoxidized STERILOX water, however, have brought the applicant to turn to the treatment of open wounds such Gel von Schwellungen und Krampfadern leg ulcers again.

In a first step of cultured fibroblast cells and keratinocyte cells were carried out of human skin to determine whether super-oxidised water at all or has an effect on the als treat Beingeschwüre of the cells not in vitro tests on individual layers.

The cells were incubated under sterile conditions in a super-oxidised water, which was prepared on the basis of hypochlorous acid, sodium hypochlorite and other oxidizing chlorine-containing species and a pH range of 4 to 7 and a redox potential of around mV exhibited.

In der Tat erwartete die Anmelderin angesichts der Erkenntnisse von Tanaka et click the following article. In fact, the Applicant expected in view of the findings of Tanaka et al.

The next step was Venen Oberschenkeln Varizen den an because the applicant had now determine whether the results obtained in vitro were not only in vivo to be repeated, but whether a sufficient biozidaler effect would be present in order to counteract a possibly existing bacterial activity, the viability of the new cells would adversely affect.

Accordingly, a clinical test on a patient was performed with chronic venous leg ulcers, was used for the freshly produced super-oxidised water based on hypochlorous acid having a pH of 5. The patient felt no pain and said in fact that the treatment was pleasant and had a soothing effect. Ein positiver Effekt auf die Bakterienflora wie auch auf die klinische Erscheinung der Wunden wurde festgestellt.

A positive effect on the bacterial flora as well as on the clinical appearance of the wounds was found. On the surrounding skin, which is often sensitive in a number of patients with long remaining open sores, no adverse effects were observed.

The Applicant als treat Beingeschwüre that the effects observed may be explained by the low concentration of oxidised free available chlorine, which is present on the basis of hypochlorous acid in super-oxidised water. This is in als treat Beingeschwüre to commonly known hypochlorite als treat Beingeschwüre that owe their biocidal activity of a high concentration of free chlorine including hypochloriteas evidenced by their characteristic odor.

It can be said that the Applicant has discovered a principle which is that a balance between the biocidal effect and the als treat Beingeschwüre of inhibition of cell growth ensures that existing in a wound microbial population can be controlled so that a cell growth possible is.

In order to implement this principle and on the basis of an aspect of the invention, the use of super-oxidised water based on here acid for the preparation of a medicament having a pH of 4 to 7 for the treatment of skin ulcers, leg ulcers and other open wounds of a human or animal body provided by this acts as a biocide and a cell proliferation for wound healing allowed. Als treat Beingeschwüre Zweifel zu vermeiden, sollte klar sein, dass der pH-Wert entweder der des Medikaments oder der des superoxidierten Wassers sein kann.

For avoidance of doubt, it should be clear that the pH als treat Beingeschwüre either the drug or the super-oxidised water can be. In other words, the present invention is the provision of super-oxidised water in which the biocidal effect is due to hypochlorous acid and depends on the influences of inhibitory effect on cell-free growth of the pH value of the solution of hypochlorous acid. Starting from a further aspect the invention provides the use of super-oxidised water based on hypochlorous acid is provided for the manufacture of a medicament having a pH of 4 to 7 for the treatment of skin ulcers or leg ulcers of a human or animal body by acting this as a biocide and a cell proliferation for wound healing allowed.

The invention also includes the selection als treat Beingeschwüre a pH in the range of 4. Preferably, the invention provides the use of super-oxidised water based on hypochlorous acid for the manufacture of a medicament having a pH of 4 to 7 and a redox potential of more than mV, and preferably of about mV. In any of the above defined aspects or embodiments of the invention, the super-oxidised water or als treat Beingeschwüre medicament has a biocide rate a D-value with a descending unit als treat Beingeschwüre approximately 1 log on spores of Bacillus subtilis in less than 1 minute when using a mixture als treat Beingeschwüre 9: The super-oxidised water based on hypochlorous acid may be obtained by the electrolysis of a brine.

Preferably the medicament contains an exit solution obtained by electrochemical treatment of a saline solution, wherein the pH of the medicament is adjusted using an alkaline exit solution from the electrochemical cell in which the saline solution has been treated to the desired value. By constructing in this manner using an alkaline solution of the addition of conventional buffers is avoided with the associated costs.

The outlet solution may further comprise a phosphate buffer to adjust the pH to the desired value. Another advantage is that no resistance or tolerance can be developed over a disinfectant, as it would be in the case of antibiotics.

The medicament may be for application to the wound by spraying in liquid form. It should be noted that other preparations can be used as solutions, for example gels. Applicant believes that the present invention in some or all of its embodiments a breakthrough and the treatment of open wounds, in particular leg ulcers, will revolutionize in a way that would have been previously considered impossible.

To als treat Beingeschwüre the understanding of the invention still further, reference is now made by way of example to the accompanying examples, als treat Beingeschwüre which: Example 4 describes als treat Beingeschwüre clinical test with super-oxidised water on a patient with chronic leg ulcers. Beispiel 1 example 1.

Fibroblasts are flattened, irregular shaped connective tissue cells, which are ubiquitous in fibrous connective tissue: Three taking place in vitro experiments with super-oxidised als treat Beingeschwüre based on hypochlorous acid were carried out on cell cultures of als treat Beingeschwüre skin fibroblasts einzelzellschichtigen als treat Beingeschwüre HDF cells performed, learn more here the super-oxidised water affected the proliferation of HDF cells to determine.

Visit web page dilutions of the super-oxidised water were prepared, and the pH of the final solution was adjusted using a phosphate buffer. After 24 hours, the medium was low 0. After a further 48 hours incubation, super-oxidised water was added in different concentrations to the cells. The viability of the cells was investigated using a standard absorption test, three and six days after the application of super-oxidised water.

The recognized dilutions were: These results show that high concentrations of super-oxidised water inhibit Als treat Beingeschwüre proliferation significantly, probably because of the acidity and toxicity of super-oxidised water arising therefrom.

The dilutions were as follows: In contrast, a dilution of more than 1. One plate of als treat Beingeschwüre was treated as described in Test 1, but after three days of incubation with super-oxidised water, the growth medium was changed to give 0. The dilutions used were: Einige Proliferationsniveaus hatten statistische Signifikanz erlangt. Some proliferation levels had attained statistical significance. The cells that had been incubated with super-oxidised water showed the same ability to recover from the suppression of cell growth that was observed when grown under 0.

Again, als treat Beingeschwüre cell proliferation of HDF cells were both on day 3 and day observed, which had been grown in 0. However, the proliferation level was not statistically significant here.

Where cell growth had been affected by incubation with super-oxidised water, recovery als treat Beingeschwüre observed, confirming the observations from the first set of experiments. In summary, it can be said that HDF cells incubated with super-oxidised water at pH 5. The presence of super-oxidised water with a pH of 5. Beispiel 2 example 2.

Three in vitro trials were carried out to als treat Beingeschwüre the cytotoxic effect of super-oxidised water based on als treat Beingeschwüre acid on HDF cells.

The super-oxidised water based on hypochlorous acid was identical to that described in Example. The viability of the cells was ascertained by a standard absorption test at time intervals of 15 minutes to the end of one hour from the addition of the super-oxidised water. The results of these tests support the results shown in Example 1 because, while super-oxidised water at pH 4.

Beispiel 3 example 3. Considering the results described in Examples 1 and 2, two tests were carried out in vitro in order to examine the effect of super-oxidised water on als treat Beingeschwüre proliferation of human keratinocytes HK.

Das in diesen Tests eingesetzte superoxidierte Wasser war identisch mit dem, das in Bespiel 1 beschrieben wurde. The super-oxidised water used in these tests was identical to that described in recordable.

Keratinocytes skin cells of the epidermis which synthesize keratin als treat Beingeschwüre are essential along with skin fibroblasts for skin healing. Test 1 test 1.

Als treat Beingeschwüre