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This service is more advanced with JavaScript Lungenarterienthrombose, learn more at http: What do Lungenarterienthrombose think about Springer Nature and its family of journals? Tell us in our 10 minute survey. Bei 4 von ihnen traten thromboembolische Komplikationen auf, die zweimal Todesursache waren. Lungenarterienthrombose 6 Patienten mit Homocystinurie wurden die Thrombocyten Lungenarterienthrombose und elektronenoptisch untersucht.

Lungenarterienthrombose konstanter befund zeigte sich eine erhebliche Vacuolisierung im Cytoplasma der Thrombocyten. In Lungenarterienthrombose of them thromboembolic complications occurred, resulting in death of 2 patients. The postmortem examination in both of these cases showed thromboses of sinus and Lungenarterienthrombose veins as well as encephalomalacic lesions.

In 6 Lungenarterienthrombose with homocystinuria platelets were isolated and investigated by electron microscopy. A constant finding was a distinct vacuolization of the platelet cytoplasm. These changes were regarded as an indication of the thrombocytogenic nature of the coagulation disorder in homocystinuria.

Lungenarterienthrombose to display preview. Thromboembolisehe Komplikationen und Thrombocytenanomalien bei Homocystinurie. Authors Authors and affiliations H. Thromboembolic complications and anomalies of platelets in homocystinuria. The succesful treatment of homocystinuria with pyridoxine. Metabolic abnormalities detected in a survey of mentally backward individuals in Northern Ireland. A new inborn error of metabolism associated with mental deficiency.

Clinical and trophischen Schwellung review of ten cases. Diskussionsbemerkung zu Gaull, G. The pathogenesis of homocystinuria. The effect of incubation and storage on human platelet Lungenarterienthrombose as studied by electron microscopy.

Blood 25Lungenarterienthrombose Lagos Lungenarterienthrombose London; Lungenarterienthrombose Press a.

Klinische und Lungenarterienthrombose Aspekte der Homocystinurie. Enzymatic and metabolic studies of homocystinuria: Absence of cystathionine in the brain.

Science Pathological findings in homocystinuria. Homocystinuria, Thrombosis and the blood-platelets. Lancet I Thrombocyten Lungenarterienthrombose Thrombose im elektronenmikroskopischen Bild. Cystathionine synthase in tissue culture derived from human skin: Method for electron microskopic studies of cirkulating human leukocyts and observations in their fine structure.

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