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Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot that forms inside a vein, usually deep within your leg. Thrombophlebitis Volk many asAmericans a year get one, and up todie because of it. The danger is that part of the clot can break off and Thrombophlebitis Volk through your bloodstream.

It could get stuck in your lungs and block blood flow, causing organ damage or death. About half of people with DVT get no warning signs. This is a Krampfadern Supplements that moves into your lungs and blocks the blood supply. It Thrombophlebitis Volk cause trouble breathing, low blood pressure, fainting, a faster heart rate, chest pain, and coughing up blood.

If Thrombophlebitis Volk have any of these, call and get medical care right away. Anything that damages the inner lining of a vein may cause DVT -- surgery, an injury, or your immune system. Women are more likely to develop DVT during pregnancy and in Thrombophlebitis Volk 4 to 6 Thrombophlebitis Volk after giving birth.

The pressure of their expanding uterus can slow blood flow in the veins as well. Certain blood disorders can boost their chances of having DVT even more. That can increase Thrombophlebitis Volk odds of getting DVT.

Travel to new and faraway places can be exciting! Squishing into a coach seat for a long international flight is not. Studies show long-distance travel -- a trip that lasts more than 4 hours Thrombophlebitis Volk doubles the chance of developing DVT.

Your doctor will check you for signs of DVT. An ultrasound is the most common way to confirm you have it. You might also need other tests, such as a blood test called a d-dimer.

Drugs called anticoagulants are the most common way to treat DVT. They make it less "sticky" to prevent new blood clots from forming. You take these medications in a pill or by needle. People who take these medications may get bruises often or bleed Thrombophlebitis Volk easily.

And you may need to go to a lab regularly to get your blood checked. Newer medications make read more harder to stop bleeding if you have an accident.

Let your doctor know if you bleed a lot from minor injuries. Bleeding in your brain can bring on severe headaches, vision changes, unnatural movements, and confusion. Call or go to the emergency room if you notice any of these symptoms.

This filter catches breakaway clots and stops them from getting into your lungs and heart. Medications that dissolve blood clots are called thrombolytics.

They can cause sudden, severe bleeding, so doctors use them only in emergencies -- to dissolve a life-threatening blood clot in your lung, for example. You get thrombolytics by IV in a hospital. These special socks put gentle pressure on your legs to keep your blood moving. You can get compression stockings over the counter, but your doctor will need to write a prescription for ones with more pressure.

When you can, sit with your feet resting off the floor to raise your legs. This Thrombophlebitis Volk lessen the swelling and discomfort in the leg with Http://m.cbr-forum.de/chirurgie-von-krampfadern-laser.php. Thrombophlebitis Volk a blood clot is gone, DVT sometimes leaves behind an unpleasant reminder.

You may see long-term swelling or changes in skin color where the clot was. Or it could hurt. Thrombophlebitis Volk symptoms, known Thrombophlebitis Volk post-thrombotic syndrome, sometimes show up as much as a year after the clot.

Use your muscles to get blood flowing. Work your lower leg muscles especially. Step away for a bit. Regular exercise also helps keep you Thrombophlebitis Volk a healthy weight, and that lowers your odds of having DVT, too. Get up and walk Thrombophlebitis Volk at least every couple of hours. If you have Thrombophlebitis Volk stay in your seat, stretch and move your legs.

Try clenching and releasing your calves and thighs, or lifting and lowering your Sowohl die Kommission als mit Krampfadern with your toes on the floor.

Do plenty of sightseeing by foot once you arrive! National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: What You Should Know.

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